Classroom Music

Classroom March 2017

Grades K -2 music classes are taught by classroom teachers.

Grades 3 - 8 music classes are taught by Mrs. Otto.


Notes from the Music Department

If you are reading this before Thursday, September 28th, please come listen to the school band and choirs for a mini concert at 6:00 p.m. Several parents are planning on joining the band. These parents demonstrate how music is a lifelong skill by picking up an instrument they may not have played for a while. What fun it will be to make music together!

Soli Deo Gloria (All to the Glory of God)

Mrs. Laurel Otto


Band March 2017

Individual lessons are offered once a week and group rehearsals are offered twice a week. Students in grades 5-8 are eligible. Parents assist with the cost of the band program by paying a monthly fee of $48.00. Parents are also responsible for renting or purchasing instruments and lessons books.



Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame Dec 2016

A special school singing group is offered to all students in grades 5-8. Rehearsals are held during the school day twice a week. There are few Eternal Flame commitments beyond the grades 5-8 music performance expectations. Parents assist with the cost of the choir program by paying a $10 yearly users’ fee.

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