We are learning about the Arctic and Antarctic and drawing igloos using chalk. (Grayson) In the winter it is always dark and in the summer it is always sunny. (Deacon) The temperature in winter can be 128 degrees below zero! (August) The biggest penguin is the Emperor Penguin! (Tenley) We are going to learn about the ocean next. (Chloe) We are doing fun art and learning to shade. (Emmie) We are learning to do Rocket Math to practice our math facts. (Tori) We heard how the Israelites were sick of having manna in the morning and quail at night so they complained and God sent poisonous snakes. (Coraline) Whenever we have a new Bible story, we color a picture to go with it and then use it to tell the Bible story. (Riley) We are excited about our Kids in Action night that is coming up on Thursday, Feb. 1st! ~ The First Graders

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