We have been doing so many things in first grade! We made rainbows out of tissue paper. (Coraline)  We learned about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. (Emmie)  The Pilgrims left England and sailed on the Mayflower to America. (Deacon)  We learned that the Native American’s houses were called wetus. (Chloe)  We made turkeys out of paper plates. (Tenley)  We made turkeys out of our spelling words. (August)  We take turns being the Star of the Week. (Landon)  We are learning to read in our small groups. (Delaney)  In math, we draw seeds on apples and write math sentences to show how many seeds altogether. (Camila)  We learn a lot of songs about Jesus. (Tori)  When we are good, we get Skittles from Miss Kramer. (Isabel)  We pray you had a blessed Thanksgiving!!   ~ The First Graders


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