What an unusual time this is! Our students are home as are many parents. Teachers are busily preparing for distance learning either at school or remotely from home.

At home my own child sighed, “I’m bored.” I’m guessing that I am not the only parent who has heard that.

What are we supposed to do? If my 4th grade students were in front of me, I know what I’d say. This is a special time. We aren’t being distracted watching or playing our favorite spring sports. For the past several weeks we haven’t been overburdened with homework, band, choir, or play rehearsals, . We haven’t had to take shopping trips, spending all day at the mall. What can we do? What would our loving Father want us to do? We can listen to his word. We can talk with him. What a great time to get reacquainted with God!

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus lovingly spoke to his friend Martha. She was so concerned about the housework that needed to be done that she hadn’t been listening intently to Jesus, as her sister Mary had. How many of us have been so busy that we haven’t spent the time we should listening to Jesus, to God’s word? What a gift we’ve been given. Quiet time with our families. Time when so many of the usual distractions are forbidden.

I’m encouraged by Jesus’ message to Martha. This is a good time to listen to his words, to read from my Bible, to listen to the wonderful message coming to us from our pastors (on KLGR, Facebook Live, etc.) This is a good time to talk to God through prayer. This is a great time to share with the world the peace that Christ has given to us. That’s the perfect thing to do right now.