The 19 fourth graders have all grown and learned and made great progress in the past year. They came up with a few pieces of advice for future fourth graders:  “Do your best and work hard.”  “Know your math facts.”  Don’t talk out of turn, or while the teacher is talking.”  “Never give up.”  “Turn in your homework on time.”  “Don’t forget to write your name on your paper.”  “Be kind to others.”  “Be respectful.” “Don’t do your homework while the teacher is teaching.” “Be quiet and pay attention.” “Study hard for tests.”  “Be yourself.”  “Always remember Jesus loves you!”  


All praise and thanks to God for the blessings he has poured out on us for the past 9 months.  Thanks to God that we are assured of his continued blessings for all the years to come.   As I finish up my time at St. John, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with these children and their families.  My prayer is that their faith has been strengthened and will continue to grow as they stay connected to Jesus.  Thank you for all of the encouragement and support.  I will truly miss my St. John family!    Becky Rogotzke

A fourth grade wish list has been created, and at this point it is all Books!  Books!  Books!  The students are eagerly setting out to meet the 40 Book Challenge, and more books to appeal to all interests are needed.  Check out the wish list by clicking below, and consider purchasing some of the listed books and donating them to our classroom.  Monetary donations towards building our classroom library are always welcome as well.  Thank  you!  

Fourth Grade Wish List

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