¡Fíjense qué gran amor nos ha dado el Padre, que se nos llame hijos de Dios! ¡Y lo somos!

-1 Juan 3:1

(2018-2019 St. John theme passage)


     We have had a busy few months with the addition of two student teachers from Martin Luther College. Miss Boyd completed her experience at St. John just before we celebrated Christ's birth and Miss Tellock completed her 6 weeks (minus the snow days :)) the week before we were dismissed for spring break The first week of March we were blessed to have a clinical student, also from Martin Luther College, in our midst. These young professionals kept the students engaged by teaching our youngest students about the fruits we eat. The kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders learned all about the body parts God has given them to serve him! The 3rd-8th grades have been busy manipulating new verbs in context as we continue to discuss the short film "Las Cuerdas." Due to one of the themes of the short film, the students have been discussing how God has given each person unique abilities and how everyone deserves to be shown respect. In addition, we have learned how we can show love for Jesus by the qualities we display when we interact with our friends. We were reminded that Jesus is the best friend of all as He went to the cross and suffered for all of our sins (and rose again on Easter)! 

God's blessings to you as we prepare our hearts this Lenten season,

Señora Kramer



We once again are utilizing the application "Seesaw". Seesaw serves as a digital portfolio which will follow each student year after year, if a subscription is purchased. Some of the benefits gained from its implementation are that students are able to see the progression of their language acquisition, families are connected to what is happening in the Spanish classroom, and it makes it possible for me to save instruction time for individual assessment by grading the uploads outside of class. Furthermore, the students appreciate having an audience of loved ones for their academic accomplishments! God has blessed them with the opportunity to learn another language and He has given them the skill set to achieve! (Please download your child(ren)'s projects before the new school year commences in order for them to be saved for your own enjoyment for years to come.)


Check out these fun websites to keep your child(ren)'s brains engaged throughout the school year:

Duolingo; (I created individual accounts for all third-eighth graders before summer vacation. If your child has misplaced his/her username and/or password, please contact me and I will send them to you.)




This list is just a start. Youtube also has many great thematic videos on various topics in Spanish.

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