Grade 4

Give thanks with our voices was our class theme for October. How fitting that we and the other lower-grade students were able to start the month off by singing in church on Sunday, October 8th. Parents, thanks for bringing your children.

Our studies are becoming more rigorous as we wrap up the first quarter of the school year. Students should be bringing home corrected math assignments to correct, English practice books to finish and check, social studies and science to study, and weekly spelling words to study. Please ask to see your child’s work.

FYI, memory work can be recited at home. Just ask your child to say it to you and sign your child’s memory sheet for the given day. If more than one or two helps were needed, have them study some more and say it again. They may say the passages and verses in shortened parts if this helps them to learn it.

The chapter books we are reading in class continue to entertain us and provide many educational activities for the students. Predicting, visualizing, citing evidence, and noting point of view are all things we’ve become better at doing. The children’s favorite book so far has been Frindle. What was your child’s favorite part?

Thank you parents for encouraging your children and me as we continue into the second semester. It brings real joy seeing your children getting along so well and working together. Continued blessings as we move forward together!

Mr. Kelm

Grade 1

We had a lot of snow days this month so we couldn’t go to school. (August) We learned about the pond and the forest habitat. (Chloe) We learned that frogs start as an egg, then grow back legs, then grow their front legs, then lose their tail, and then they’re a frog! (Dominic) We made turtles out of bowls and tissue paper. (Tenley) We are reading a bat book called, Stellaluna. (Emma) We are having a Drop in Breakfast for family members and we can have muffins, fruit, and yogurt. (Jayda) We wrote How To books. (Emmie) We are learning how to write letters. (Grayson) We learned about David and Goliath. (Jaxon) We are getting ready to celebrate Easter! (Isabel) Have a blessed Easter!! ~ The First Graders

Grade 6

The sixth grade switched gears in February after spending lots of time and energy on our Social Studies projects for the Living Wax Museum we participated in on Feb 1. Our next big project is our literature circle groups, which will be culminating in creating an advertisement for the book the students are reading. The thirteen students are reading four different books, and will be giving their presentations in March. We also wrapped up our previous read aloud book, Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians, and have started A Wrinkle in Time. Finally, we will be studying a variety of portrait styles in art class, starting with a self-portrait.



“Estén siempre alegres, oren sin cesar, den gracias a Dios en toda situación porque esta es su voluntad para ustedes en Cristo Jesús.”

-1 Tesalonicenses 5:16-18

We have wrapped up our concentrated study of famous individuals of Hispanic heritage. We have changed our focus now to the places where Spanish is spoken. Our recent geography emphasis has helped students gain a better understanding of the world as we discuss current events in locations such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain, to name a few. We also looked at famous structures like the pyramid Chichén Itzá in Mexico. The students worked to replicate the pyramid using kinetic sand. Please check out the Spanish page on the school website to see some photos of their creations! All age levels wanted this class to last longer! On a side note, the kindergarteners are excited to take on a Spanish name for use in the classroom (and beyond, if they so choose)! 
In His Service,

Señora Renae Kramer


Check out these fun websites to keep your child(ren)'s brains engaged throughout the school year:





This list is just a start. Youtube also has many great thematic videos on various topics in Spanish.

In His Service,

Señora Renae Kramer

Grades 7 - 8

The fourth quarter is here in the blink of an eye. The 8th graders are gearing up for confirmation and graduation and the 7th graders are gearing up to be in their final year at St. John. The 7th & 8th-grade students have been working hard on their origami projects in the month of March. They have learned how to craft many different objects with paper. As we continue in the final quarter of this school year, we remember that the Lord is in control and His plan for us is in place. The students are thankful for the opportunity to have a Lutheran education, thank you for your support!

Mr. Brassow


Grade 3

This month in third grade, we are busy studying our new novel "The Boxcar Children" In this novel, students have the opportunity to get to know our beloved family of four and how they survived living in the outdoors all on their own. As we explore this new book, we are also looking forward to finishing up our science unit on the Solar System. We look forward to our Easter/ Spring break when we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. 

In Christ, 

Miss Wasser

Grade 2

JESUS- what do you think of when you hear that name? Most likely you are thinking of his suffering and death, His last days here on Earth. As we focus on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, we focus on hearing about that First Communion, Judas’ Betrayal, The Trial of Jesus, and finally the Verdict. Then comes the waiting period… what is going to happen on Sunday? JESUS RISES FROM THE DEAD! What Great Joy we have! Now we have that promise that we too will rise from the dead! OH HAPPY DAY!!

May the guilt, sadness, and joy remind us of GOD’S LOVE for us sinners. How Amazing, Awesome, Merciful, and Loving our FATHER truly is!

God Be With You!

Miss Schliewe

Grade 5

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


These first months of the New Year have flown by so quickly!  The fifth graders have been working hard and staying focused as we have moved through the third quarter.  


We had a blast at the St. John History Museum.  Having the opportunity to research a person, expand our expository writing skills, create an artistic display, and then to become that person was such a valuable learning experience!  Thank you to all of the parents for helping students put together their costumes and for speaking with the students on the evening of the museum.  


We also want to thank our student teacher, Miss Backhaus.  She has been such a wonderful blessing to our class over the past few weeks.  We will certainly miss her, but wish her all of God’s blessings as she finishes her schooling and prepares to teach next year!  God’s blessings!  

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