Grade 4

     December 16, 2019

     2019 is drawing to a close. Wow! The decade is coming to a close!

     As we prepare for the celebration of our Savior’s birth, the fourth grade class is busy preparing to share the good news of Jesus’ birth in our Christmas services. Students have also been exploring author’s purpose in reading and writing their own informational essays. Students have been learning more about electric circuits as well as troubleshooting faulty circuits. In phy. ed., students are working on dodgeball skills. In social studies, we’ve just learned about the Industrial Revolution.

     The clinical students from Martin Luther College have just completed their time with us. We want to thank Miss Bergemann and Miss Curtis for their work and wish them God’s richest blessings as they pursue their careers in teaching.

     Blessings to all of our families and friends as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

     Mr. Paul Kelm

Grade 1

To start off our January, 1st grade has enjoyed...


This month, "I liked to play 'Colors, Colors' and Tag at school" (Charlotte). "I liked playing with Play-doh" (Brinnley). "I liked Math and Phy. Ed." (Skylar). "Handwriting is fun because we get to write!" (Aubree). "I like the Bible stories in Word of God" (Noah K.) "I like playing in the gym" (Magnus). "I like playing Tag in P.E." (Liam). "I liked learning about the Human Body is Science" (Brecken). "Im P.E., I like playing Tag" (Jackson) "I like playing Colors, Colors in P.E." (Samantha). "I like taking Brain Breaks." (Gavin). "I like having Phy. Ed with Mr. Brassow." (Charlie) "I liked seeing my students work hard and learning how to work together!" (Mrs. Paustian)

Grade 6

Christmas has been a month spent looking forward to Jesus’ birth. In this Advent season, the students prepared and presented songs for Kid’s in Action, both in band and in choir. They enjoyed setting up and decorating our classroom for Christmas and had a blast with the Christmas activities and party. Before heading to Christmas break, the students took a field trip to the cities. At the Science Museum they explored the “Body Worlds” exhibit and many other scientific displays. We also visited the Art Museum and were able to see artifacts from Egyptian culture.

Have a blessed Christmas!


In December, the students finished their family tree projects. 7th and 8th grade projects were displayed at Kids in Action in the gymnasium. The students are ending the year by learning about sports in Spanish. They have realized that many sports are cognates. Which means they are spelled the same and/or sound the same in both English and Spanish. We have been using what they’ve learned so far to create sentences about sports they like and dislike.


Adiós! -Señora Brassow

Grades 7 - 8

We have been having a busy, exciting December! Our first week began strong with our annual Christmas on the Road performances. Overall, we performed eight times throughout the week! Heading into the weeks afterward was a quick transition back to normal lessons and schedules, but with the excitement of Christmas break looming over us, we were eager to look forward to celebrating Christmas with our families. We thank God for another year in his grace, and are eagerly looking forward to how God will bless our classroom in 2020!

Grade 3

Grade 2

Second Grade Epistle

Second Grade finds JOY during December in:

Learning about JESUS- JJ

Learning about JESUS during Christlight lessons- Luke

Reading stories- Cooper

Seeing everyone at school- Mikaela

Writing in math because I like it!- Paxton

Seeing all of our classmates each day!- Colton

English class gives me JOY!- Sawyer

Recess!- Jett

Reading everything- Jared

Math everyday!- Max

Learning more about JESUS- Halladay

During the month of December, second graders are full of JOY as they look forward to the birthday of their dear and loving Savior, JESUS. The children have been busy with their school work as well as doing some fun art projects. All of the second graders are very creative. They love doing search a words, making special projects, playing games, and especially learning about Moses this month in the Old Testament. God’s peace be with you this Christmas.

Grade 5

God is so good!  Not only has God given us the wondrous gift of his Son, but he also has given us another year to grow closer to him!  We pray that this year be full of blessings and joy as we study and grow in God’s Word.  


We are also thankful for the opportunity to study the Old Testament in Christ Light, and to continue to have the opportunity to see how God has fulfilled and kept all of his promises.  We are enjoying working on learning about the thirteen colonies in history and studying a famous person from history in reading class. 


We are working hard and improving our skills in each class, and we look forward to seeing what the new year brings!   We wish you warmth and blessings this winter! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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