Grade 4

What an unusual time this is! Our students are home as are many parents. Teachers are busily preparing for distance learning either at school or remotely from home.

At home my own child sighed, “I’m bored.” I’m guessing that I am not the only parent who has heard that.

What are we supposed to do? If my 4th grade students were in front of me, I know what I’d say. This is a special time. We aren’t being distracted watching or playing our favorite spring sports. For the past several weeks we haven’t been overburdened with homework, band, choir, or play rehearsals, . We haven’t had to take shopping trips, spending all day at the mall. What can we do? What would our loving Father want us to do? We can listen to his word. We can talk with him. What a great time to get reacquainted with God!

In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus lovingly spoke to his friend Martha. She was so concerned about the housework that needed to be done that she hadn’t been listening intently to Jesus, as her sister Mary had. How many of us have been so busy that we haven’t spent the time we should listening to Jesus, to God’s word? What a gift we’ve been given. Quiet time with our families. Time when so many of the usual distractions are forbidden.

I’m encouraged by Jesus’ message to Martha. This is a good time to listen to his words, to read from my Bible, to listen to the wonderful message coming to us from our pastors (on KLGR, Facebook Live, etc.) This is a good time to talk to God through prayer. This is a great time to share with the world the peace that Christ has given to us. That’s the perfect thing to do right now.


Grade 1

1st grade is about to embark on a new adventure: Distance Learning! This will require learning new skills, patience, humility, teamwork, perseverance, and at times a good sense of humor. Our classroom motto is “Practice Makes Progress”, and I believe this situation will only reinforce what I tell my students on a daily basis. Learning how to navigate a mix of online and hands-on learning will take practice to become comfortable with (me too!). Families and teachers will work as a team to answer questions, help, listen to, and encourage the students. We must never forget the fact that God is in control, God is with us, God loves us, and in these trials, God will bring us closer to him. It is my prayer that we come together again soon. Until then, God be with you.

Grade 6

In February, the hard work of the sixth graders paid off as they presented at the Social Studies Fair! At the "Wax Museum," the students “became” Milton Hershey, Sacagawea, Amelia Earhart, and Blackbeard, the famous pirate. They presented information about their person and also answered multiple questions from the museum guests. It was a very fun and entertaining evening. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us!

The students are becoming very proficient in using fractions, as well as changing fractions to percents and to decimals and converting them between all three forms. They are learning formulas for finding area for a variety of polygons in math, while also using formulas in science. They are calculating speed, velocity, acceleration, forces, and momentum while studying Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and gravity.

The sixth grade has been enjoying the snow that has fallen, as well as the fairly mild temperatures. We pray that you are also able to enjoy all of the blessings that God gives us during the winter months!


In December, the students finished their family tree projects. 7th and 8th grade projects were displayed at Kids in Action in the gymnasium. The students are ending the year by learning about sports in Spanish. They have realized that many sports are cognates. Which means they are spelled the same and/or sound the same in both English and Spanish. We have been using what they’ve learned so far to create sentences about sports they like and dislike.


Adiós! -Señora Brassow

Grades 7 - 8

Spring has sprung! March is finally here, and the days have gotten warmer and longer. Track and Field practice has started for many of our students, and we enjoyed some fun events earlier this month. We held our 2nd annual in-school movie and game day, which served as a fun break from learning and lessons. We also had the chance to travel over to Prairie Lutheran School on a field trip to listen to a Civil War presenter and reenactor. However, our month seems to be ending on a sour note with lots of uncertainty. We can take heart and comfort in knowing that our gracious, loving Lord is more powerful than any danger on this Earth. We will still strive to do our God-given best in learning and growing academically, even though we may not meet in person. May God bless us through these times as we finish our school year strong!

Grade 3

Grade 2

2nd Grade February Epistle

Interview of a Second Grader.

What do you love best about St. John?

I love St. John because I love to learn about God and I learn to read the Bible here.  I learn lots of new stuff and because I make lots of new friends.  Because every single day we always learn about new things like vertical and oblique and math and social studies and Christlight.  At my other school we never had parties but here I like the parties.  I liked the Christmas party the best.  We do lots of fun activities here.

Submitted by Colton

*This month has been a busy month full of new content and fun activity.  We had our Valentine’s party and a lot of yummy treats.  The children also enjoyed our pep rally to cheer on our basketball players.  Mrs. Schulz, our student teacher, has been doing a lot of teaching this month.  She has been doing a great job in providing the class with a lot of new learning opportunities.

Please keep our second graders and their families in your prayers.

In Christ,

Mrs. Schultz

Grade 5

The fifth grade prays that this new year is off to a great start for all of you and that you are staying warm during these cold winter months!  


It may be cold outside, but that has not stopped with fifth grade from continuing to grow in their academics!  Students have been hard at work studying famous people from history by reading a biography in reading class. While reading the biography, students learned about nonfiction text features, distinguished between fact and opinion, and learned to paraphrase information.  The fifth graders are taking their knowledge and writing a research paper. They are also using this as the basis for their Soc. Studies Fair projects. They can’t wait to share their knowledge with you!


Students have also been hard at work being detectives in the case of the Boston Massacre.  They have evaluated and analyzed primary and secondary accounts to understand the American Revolution.  


The fifth graders are also involved in a variety of sports and activities at St. John and in the community.  We thank God for the many gifts that He has blessed each of them with and pray that they continue to use them to His glory! 

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