Throughout the year, you can bring the following items which help raise money for our school.  Students, parents, or friends of St. John can bring the items to the front desk of school, to your child’s teacher, or to the St. John Church office.  


You can participate in Coca-Cola Give a few different ways, by either entering your own Coke caps or codes to the Coca-Cola Give website, dropping off Coke caps and codes, or by helping enter the school’s collected Coke caps and codes.  Product codes are found in the packaging of any participating Coca-Cola product including:  Coke, Barqs, Dasani, Fanta, Fresca, Fuze, MelloYello, MinuteMaid, Pibb Xtra, Powerade, Seagram’s, Sprite, and Tab. Each cap is worth 5 cents.  Coca-Cola will send us a check twice a year.   If you would like to help enter the school’s collected codes (a great activity while watching TV), just let Michell know, and she will arrange a way to send some home with you.



It’s easy to find Box Tops.  In fact, you may have some in your home right now.  Some product brands that have Box Tops include:  Hefty, Paper Mate, General Mills Cereal, Ziploc, Kleenex, Yoplait, and many others.  Clip Box Tops from your favorite products and turn them in to the front desk or your child’s teacher.   Box Tops are each worth 10 cents and they add up fast!  Box Tops has collection dates of October 1 and March 1 and we receive checks in November and April. 

Please cut on the dotted line and check that they are not expired.


Pizza Ranch has perforated “Wagons” on the lid of their pizza or chicken boxes.   Tear off these Wagons and bring them to the school.    Pizza Ranch gives the school $0.25 for each Wagon we collect.


Just clip and collect Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson product packages and bring them to the front desk or your child’s teacher.  We’ll collect the labels and send them to Tyson Foods and Tyson Foods will send our school a check.  Each label is worth 24 cents!


The Loaves 4 Learning program consists of cutting off and saving the UPC Proof-of-Purchases from any Country Hearth or Village Hearth Bread products and bringing it to school.  Each one is worth $0.05.


1.  Download:  Get the Shoparoo app .

2.  Shop:  Shop for any product at any store big or small that sells food, health, or beauty items.  (Gas receipts do not work unless you buy another item at the station.)

3.  Snap:  Take a picture of your receipts to earn “Roo” points.

4.  Earn:  Shoparoo donates to your school!

5.  Sweepstakes:  Receipts from other stores and restaurants can be used to enter monthly and yearly sweepstakes.  Shoparoo donates $1000 monthly and $15,000 yearly to winning schools.

Feel free to spread the word to your friends and relatives.  Thank you very much for your help!

The money raised throughout the year for these fundraisers have been used to purchase a range of necessary items here at the school, such as:    St. John banners, signs in the parking lot, flags, tables, chairs, continuing education for our teachers, and etc.

Thanks in advance for your help with our fundraising programs.        St. John Administration

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