Christmas Caroling

On Thursday, December 7th our school children and their families have the privilege of singing at the various assisted living facilities and apartment buildings throughout Redwood Falls.

This is such a great way to spread Christmas Joy, the message about Jesus and just to bring smiles to many faces. We need lots of voices (young and seasoned) to make this a success. To sign up please call the school at 617-3002.

Partners in Education will serve a meal for the children and their families when they return to school from caroling on Thursday, December 7th.  Families of all band and choir members are also invited to join us.  The meal will be served between 5-6pm with the band and choirs concert to follow at 6pm. 


Athletic Announcements

St. John Basketball Tournament will be on December 9th.   If you would like to help run score clock, take tickets or work in the concession stand that day, please contact the school.    Please see the schedule of upcoming games by clicking on the "Read More" bar below.   

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Partners in Educaton

Wearables Form


Partners in Education exists to encourage the students, their families, and the staff at St. John Lutheran School in a variety of ways through the support of parents, grandparents, and church members who are motivated by Christ who made us part of his family.

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From the Principal's Desk

From the Principal’s Desk:

Is it really Thanksgiving break already? As I write this I have two thoughts on my mind. My initial thought is, Thanksgiving is here already? Where has the school year gone? Our first quarter parent/teacher conferences are done, snow is beginning to fall periodically, many farmers are wrapping up their harvest work, and now we buckle up for winter. My second thought is also Thanksgiving. We have so much for which to be thankful. We just had our first quarter parent/teacher conferences which means we have a wonderful school where we get to teach God’s Word every day. The snow is beginning to fall which means we have an awesome God who controls the seasons with regularity. We were blessed with a wonderful harvest in which God blesses us with daily food. St. John Lutheran School is blessed to have 169 students and 14 teachers this year and we all get to have daily studies in God’s Word, share our faith, and pray together as a body of believers. What an incredible blessing! As Thanksgiving comes and goes, may we never forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings we receive each and every day. We know we don’t deserve them, but God continues to shower his goodness on us. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. To God be the glory!

Principal Dave Gartner


As the Fall sports season wraps up, we look back and appreciate the hard work from our students and from our coaches. We have had a successful volleyball season with great competition. The A team is looking forward to compete in the MVL tournament at the end of the season. Soccer this season has been fun and competitive. The team has participated in over five shootouts and a few overtimes. The cross country team ran at MVL and had eight students finish in the top ten from grades 5-8. St. John is very proud of the way our athletes have acted on the court, field and road this Fall; knowing that they are representing their school and Savior.     

In Christ,

Mr. Brassow, Athletic Director

Wish List


  • Acoustic Tiles for Gym ($5,000)
  • Bleachers for Gymnasium ($9000) (32 foot retractable)
  • Outdoor Basketball Hoops ($2000 each)
  • Tetherball ($200)


  • New Computer Towers ($250 each)
  • Hexagon Computer tables (2 needed) ($400 per table)
  • iPads ($340 each)
  • Chromebooks ($200 each)

Outdoor Items

  • Outdoor light at end of driveway
  • School sign by pond ($10,000-15,000)


  • Lighting System for Plays & Performances ($5,000-$7,000)

Indoor/Classroom items

  • Recycle bins for all classrooms and computer room ($350)
  • Window Blinds for Commons due to sunlight ($2,500)
  • Tables for Small group room in the new addition
  • Floor Cleaning Machine for concrete floors ($6000)

Mission Statement

Making disciples of Jesus Christ through the Word and a Christ-centered curriculum.



emphasizes the school's role to

  • OUTREACH to the community,
  • NURTURE the faith which begins at baptism and
  • EQUIP to serve the Lord.

Contact Us

St John Lutheran School
34719 County Hwy 24
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
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