Athletic Announcements

 St. John Little Lions Basketball for Grades 1-2 has started.  Please see the schedule is under "calendars" or check the schedule of upcoming games and practices by clicking on the "Read More" bar below.   

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From the Principal's Desk

From the Principal’s Desk:

We just finished 3rd quarter, the snow is melting from our last wintery blast, Lenten services remind us of our Savior’s great love for us, and Easter is just a short time away. Our gracious God continues to bless St. John, its staff, and all of our families.

Things have been happening quickly as the end of the school year approaches. The faculty has begun looking at the 2018-2019 calendar and have started the early preparations for next school year. We are still waiting to see what our full teaching staff will be at the start of the new school year as the Lord continues to give calls to our called workers and we work to fill any vacancies we may have at the school by issuing calls.

We have had three new students enroll since the school year began and 14 new students since this summer. The Lord continues to bless our school with more students that are eager to hear the message of Jesus. Please feel free to come out to the school and see it in action. We would love to have you. May the Lord be with you during this Lenten and Easter season.  

Principal Dave Gartner

Schwan's Fundraiser

Our annual Schwan's fundraiser has begun. You may place orders online by going to You may also place orders by phone. Call 1-855-870-7208 and provide Campaign ID #35979 and a Fundraiser ID, if you have one.

Thank you in advance for supporting us! 5% of your purchase goes back to St. John until April 6, 2018.





The basketball season is busy as always! We have had over 40 basketball games between the four teams. Our teams have placed well in the tournaments so far this January. Our B boys took 3rd place at the Risen Savior Tournament. Our A girls also took 3rd place at the Mount Olive Tournament. We look forward to competing at the St. Martin’s  A team tournament and the PLS B team tournament to end January basketball. The A teams also continue working hard for the MLC tournament to end our basketball season. If you ever have any free time, come cheer on the Lions at the different games and tournaments that are left this season. Event times and other information can be found on the school website and calendar.

In Christ,

Mr. Brassow, Athletic Director

Wish List


  • Acoustic Tiles for Gym ($5,000)
  • Bleachers for Gymnasium ($9000) (32 foot retractable)
  • Outdoor Basketball Hoops ($2000 each)
  • Tetherball ($200)


  • New Computer Towers ($250 each)
  • Hexagon Computer tables (2 needed) ($400 per table)
  • iPads ($340 each)
  • Chromebooks ($200 each)

Outdoor Items

  • Outdoor light at end of driveway
  • School sign by pond ($10,000-15,000)


  • Lighting System for Plays & Performances ($5,000-$7,000)

Indoor/Classroom items

  • Recycle bins for all classrooms and computer room ($350)
  • Window Blinds for Commons due to sunlight ($2,500)
  • Tables for Small group room in the new addition
  • Floor Cleaning Machine for concrete floors ($6000)

Mission Statement

Making disciples of Jesus Christ through the Word and a Christ-centered curriculum.



emphasizes the school's role to

  • OUTREACH to the community,
  • NURTURE the faith which begins at baptism and
  • EQUIP to serve the Lord.

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